How to apply your Adnil decal

April 20, 2016 Charlotte Fry

Your vinyl graphic will have 3 components:   Transfer tape - looks and feels like masking tape, this is placed over the top of the actual art in the workshop for you. Vinyl - the part that is precision cut and applied to the surface. Backing paper - thick white paper that holds the cut vinyl in shape.  Some tools you may need: Spirit level  Masking tape  Squeegee / Credit card or similar to rub the design onto the surface  Step One: Preparing your design Wipe down your wall or surface – Use an old clean t-shirt or any lint-free cloth. ...

How to remove old decals

April 20, 2016 Charlotte Fry

Welcome!!! For our first blog post, I thought I'd share with you how to remove old decals and prep your walls ready to apply new ones. Vinyl wall decals can be removed easily if you work slowly and methodically. Do not rush any of the process. For vinyl adhesives a hair-dryer can help. Direct the heat towards the edge of the design, once the adhesive is warm to the touch gently lift the decal. As you pull the decal away from the wall, begin heating the next section. Removing decals can be a bit easier when pulling at a 90 degree angle. This...